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The Barns

The Barns

The south barn

  • The south barn has a large ‘studio’ room with double bed or two single beds.
  • There is also a bathroom with a shower.
  • The former mangers have been converted into a single bed space.
  • There is a kitchen and other cupboards. The outdoor games are stored in these cupboards.
  • The French windows lead to a private terrace.


Main Farm House


The north barn

  • The smaller of the 2 barn units has a double bedroom on the first floor.
  • The ground floor has large shower room.
  • There is a living area with a small kitchen and a fridge and an 2 comfortable chairs one of which folds out into a bed.


North Barn
North Barn


The Centre Barn

  • The Centre Barn is used for storage and provides access to each barn unit and separates North and South Barns.


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